Passport for pet – How to get a pet passport

Passport for pet

passport for pet

The EU pet passport was introduced in July 2004 for pets travelling between the UK and other European countries. The purpose of the pet passport is to ease and accelerate travel of pets between countries and avoid quarantine. The pet passport is an official document on which the following information needs to appear:

  • Pet microchip Number
  • Which date the microchip was inserted
  • Rabies vaccination
  • provision for recording the tick and tapeworm treatment
Please note that the pet passport will only be valid for entry and re-entry in the UK only six months from the date the blood test of your pet has tested positive. This means that if you haven’t entered the process of getting a passport for your pet you will need to plan ahead.

What does a pet passport look like ?

The pet passport can come in various formats. The most common format is a small blue booklet but it can also come as a pink A4 sheet. It mustn’t be confused with a small purple coloured small folder which is only used to record a pet’s vaccination history The passport must be signed by an officially approved veterinary

How do I get a pet passport ?

The passport has to be issued by a veterinary inspector who has been government authorised also known as LVI. If your usual vet is not government-authorised you can ask him where you can find one. The vet will fit your pet with a microchip, and will vaccinate your pet against rabies. This could be done either via one single vaccination or require a second vaccination shortly after. He will be able to issue a pet passport.

How much does a pet passport cost?

The prices below are to be used as guidelines. Prices may vary quite a lot depending on the surgery you take your pet to.

  • Microchip fitting: Approximately £25
  • Rabies vaccination: Approximately £35
  • Blood test: Approximately £80

Replacing your pets passport

When the passport is full, you should apply to a vet for a new one. In Great Britain, this must be an LVI. Take the full passport and your pet with you. Once your pet passport is full you will need to reapply for a new one. Only an official government authorised vet will be be able to reissue a passport

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